A boiler can become dangerous if it’s not maintained and serviced regularly. Our boiler repair experts explain how to spot the signs of a faulty boiler. 

The dangers

A faulty boiler can cost more to run or leave you without heating and hot water. Worse than that though, it can be dangerous.

Any heating system that runs on gas, oil or coal can give off dangerous carbon monoxide if it’s faulty. Carbon monoxide is both tasteless and odourless, and it doesn’t take long for inhalation to lead to coma or even death. Because of this significant risk to life, it’s especially important to make sure you take all the necessary precautions to prevent your boiler from malfunctioning.  

How to stay safe

The best way to protect yourself is to have your boiler serviced regularly by a Gas Safe registered boiler specialist. You should also invest in a carbon monoxide detector, which will work in a similar way to a fire alarm. Carbon monoxide detectors should only be used as a warning device and should not take the place of regularly servicing and maintaining your boiler. If you suspect your boiler is damaged or faulty, it’s crucial that you act quickly and get it repaired by a trained professional. 

Warning signs to look out for

If you notice that the pilot light flame has changed colour (orange or yellow instead of blue) turn off your boiler immediately and contact a boiler repair expert.

You might also notice the following:

  • Scorching or brown/black marks on the boiler
  • A musty smell or signs of soot
  • A smell of gas when your boiler is running
  • More condensation than normal on your windows

Other important warning signs to look out for:

  • The pilot light keeps going out all the time
  • The boiler is making a lot of noise
  • The boiler is leaking water (if this happens, you should turn your boiler off to prevent electrics from short-circuiting and stop water damaging your home)

If you have any concerns about your boiler, you should contact a Gas Safe heating engineer straight away. Greenstar offers a 24/7 emergency boiler repair service. To help keep you and your family safe, our engineers can also take care of your regular boiler servicing and maintenance. Contact us on 01202 355 344