Do you find that your energy bills seem to be gradually increasing - even during summer? Our experts discuss helpful tips and tricks to save money on your energy bills, even little changes in your routine such as adding shelving or a shower monitor could save you hundreds of pounds! We all would like to reduce our energy bills, but sometimes a new boiler or heating services are the only way to save more money. If you’re interested in any of our boiler installation services please contact a member of our team now! 

Greenstar is one of the leading property service businesses in the South, and we have an excellent Checkatrade rating of 9.92! Our boiler and heating services performed by our qualified experts are always efficient and cost-effective, and would benefit any commercial or residential property. With over 28 years of experience, choose our team of experts for a professional boiler or heating service, browse our testimonials or case studies to view our previous projects. 

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Tips to save you money on your energy bills! 



  • A draught excluder could save you up to £35 a year 
  • Keep your radiators clear from furniture that can absorb heat
  • Use thermal curtains during winter to contain the heat inside your home
  • Use your central heating timer to turn heating on and off when needed 
  • If your home has high ceilings, install a shelf above your radiator to deflect the heat into the room rather then travelling upwards 

Hot water: 

  • Keep showers to 10 minutes 
  • Invest in a shower monitor to track how much hot water you’re using 
  • Replace your boiler if it’s over 15 years old - you could save £340 per year! 
  • Primary pipework insulation could save you up to £10 a year


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