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Millions of UK households set to save on their energy bills
Ofgem has lowered price caps on gas and electricity which means lower energy bills for millions of British households this April.
Discover the top 4 benefits of investing in a new boiler
Buying a new boiler can be a big expense but as it gives you so many benefits, like the ones listed below, you’ll soon realise it’s well worth the initial investment.
How often do you need a boiler service?
You should have your boiler serviced at least once a year by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to ensure it’s running smoothly and safely.
A handy guide to different types of boiler
Is it time for a new boiler? Find out which boiler is the right choice for your home with our plumbers’ quick guide to the different types available and their pros and cons.
Why choose Greenstar for your boiler installation?
Are you looking for a new boiler? Here’s why the experienced team at Greenstar are the top choice for your new boiler installation, from our reliability to 0% finance deals.
Wind generated power smashes renewable energy record
The UK’s record for the amount of energy generated by a renewable source has been broken, as more than 40% of the country’s power was recently created by wind.
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