Smart thermostats are becoming more and more popular in homes around the country, as people embrace smart technology to help with everything from heating houses to turning the lights on. Check out our top reasons to invest in smart heating.

Save energy

Smart thermostats will save you energy in the long run thanks to their ability to monitor energy consumption and provide easy tips on how to cut down energy. There’s no chance of leaving your heating on if you can turn it off from your phone, either.

Control remotely

Being able to turn the heating up and down can certainly encourage your lazy side but being able to schedule your heating to come on while you’re on your way home – or delay it if you’re working late – make it ingenious.

Filter detection

Smart thermostats have dirty filter detection to tell you when filters need changing. These notifications can help you to stay more efficient with your energy.

Integration with other smart home products

If you have a home assistant such an Amazon Echo, controlling your smart thermostat becomes even easier. You can set scenes too, so that your heating syncs with the lights, music or any other smart products you may own.

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