Looking to save some money on your household bills? Read on to discover a few simple ways you can cut your energy usage and heating bills this winter.

Power flush your heating system

Power flushing blasts away built up grime in your heating system, making the whole thing work like new and solving lots of common faults, such as cold spots on radiators and noisy boilers. It’s a great way to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your entire heating system which will therefore help to lower your energy usage and bills. 

Service your boiler 

Getting your boiler serviced on an annual basis will not only extend the life of your boiler but will help make your whole heating system more efficient. It also helps avoid any unexpected breakdowns that can cost a lot to repair as your Gas Safe engineer will be able to spot any potential problems. Annual servicing is also often required to maintain any warranties you have. 

Turn the thermostat down just 1°

Did you know that turning your thermostat down by just 1° can cut your energy consumption and your bills by up to 10%? So instead of leaving it on a steady 20°, try dropping the temperature to 19° – nobody is likely to notice but you will when your heating bill arrives! 

Invest in thermal curtains 

Replace your old, thin curtains for sumptuous, thermal ones. These specially adapted curtains are highly effective at stopping heat escaping out of your windows and instead trapping it inside the house where it belongs. If you’re particularly handy with a needle and thread, you can make your own thermal curtains by sewing a thermal lining on to your existing ones. 

Use the timers on your heating

 There’s no point heating a house that nobody is in! So, make the most of the timer setting on your thermostat and programme your heating to come on only when you’re at home. We recommend setting it come on around 10-20 minutes before you get up and before you come home to ensure of a warm welcome. 

Plug up those gaps

Possibly the cheapest and fastest way to reduce your heating bills is to block any air gaps on your windows, doors, loft hatches, joints and floorboards. We also recommend shutting the door to whichever room you are in and placing a draft excluder at the bottom to block the gap under the door. You’ll be surprised by how effective this simple action can be. 

Book your boiler service

To book your boiler service with Dorset and Hampshire’s leading heating specialists, get in touch with Greenstar today on 01202 355344. Our team of Gas Safe engineers provide a reliable