2019 is still ahead of us, and though the weather can never truly be predicted, there are sure signs to look out for when it comes to drainage issues that depend on the weather. Whether it's tipping it down or a beautiful day, be sure to keep your drains clear throughout the year with our expert tips


If you’re looking to enjoy your garden in the springtime, make sure that your lawn or patio is built with the necessary sloping towards a drainage channel. If you still have water 48 hours after rainfall that isn’t making its way to the drain, make sure your garden is built for optimum drainage.


Summer is a season of blazing sunshine if you’re lucky, but often it’s when rain can come at its most torrential. One of the most common problems with drainage is water building up around the drain and not going down. This is a clear sign that there’s a blockage in there somewhere, so look out for puddles after heavy showers.


As autumn approaches, clumps of leaves can start to gather on your driveway. These can block your drain though, so be sure to brush them away to avoid them falling into the drain and causing problems.


Sewage can back up at any time, but winter is a particularly bad time for drainage systems. Greasy matter and water can both freeze, and this can cause blockages. If you have a backup in the drains of your house, this might be caused by an obstruction, so keep your drains serviced and checked throughout the year for excessive waste.

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