Being more eco-friendly at home not only helps protect the natural world but can also save you money, so why wouldn’t you do all you can to be more ‘green’? To help you on the path to sustainable living, here are 5 ways you can make your home more environmentally friendly.

Energy efficient lightbulbs

Did you know energy efficient light bulbs can use up to 75% less energy than traditional incandescent bulbs and last up to ten times longer? This means you’ll save money on your energy bills and on buying replacements! You don’t have to worry about the aesthetics of them either as energy efficient bulbs have come a long way since the bulky examples of 10 years ago and now come in a wide variety of stylish shapes and sizes!

Research your energy supplier

When it comes to renewing or switching your energy supplier, take time to consider more than just the price but also the sustainability of that company. Research your chosen suppliers to discover how much of their energy is generated from renewable sources, such as wind and solar power, as well as what they’re doing to further their sustainability. Look out for Ofgem’s Green Energy Certification Scheme which confirms the supplier’s service is, in fact, ‘green’.

Replace your old boiler

A new A-rated boiler can save you up to £350 on your annual heating bill and prevent up to 1500kg’s of carbon dioxide being pumped into the atmosphere a year. As you can see from these startling figures, replacing an old, inefficient boiler with a quality new one can make a massive difference to both your bank account and how eco-friendly your home is.

Insulate our home

Investing in good quality insulation is one of the most effective ways to help your home reduce its energy use. This is because the insulation will hold in heat that would otherwise escape, meaning you won’t need to use so much fuel or energy keeping your home warm. Insulation isn’t just for the loft, but can mean adding filling between walls, installing double or triple glazed windows and even placing cosy rugs on hard floors.

Switch to natural cleaning products

Using harsh chemical cleaners in the home is bad for the environment because they get washed away down the drains and into the wider water supply. However, there are lots of natural, eco-friendly alternatives that are just as effective for your day-to-day cleaning needs. Products such as vinegar, citrus fruits and bicarbonate of soda are also fantastic alternatives.

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