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Why you should have heating control in your home
There are many reasons why you should have heating control in your home. Not only does it allow you better temperature control, but it reduces the amount of energy you use, and in turn, reduces the amount of money you spend.
How to choose the right company for your boiler installation
Choosing the right company for your boiler installation not only ensures that you aren’t left without heating or hot water, but that your property will be left clean and exactly how it was found.
What effect does low pressure have on my boiler?
Most people do not know that low pressure in a boiler can have a drastic effect on the longevity of your boiler.
Why are Worcester Bosch boilers so popular?
Established in 1962, Worcester Bosch Group has delved into many different avenues over the years.
How to save money on your energy bills
Our experts discuss helpful tips and tricks to save money on your energy bills, even little changes in your routine such as adding shelving or a shower monitor could save you hundreds of pounds!
Boiler Installation: An Introduction
Your boiler is the heart of your central heating system and if it breaks down, you’re left with no heating or hot water as a result. Not only does this interrupt your lifestyle, it’s costly in gas bills if not properly resolved.