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eco friendly boiler
Why should you buy an Eco-Friendly Boiler?
When it comes to the environment, these days it’s not quite good enough to have a boiler that is simply effective and reliable at heating your water and home.
Person unclogging a drain that's become blocked with hair
3 signs of a blocked drain that you shouldn’t ignore
Our drainage experts share the warning signs of a blocked drain, as well as how to prevent blockages from happening again in the future. 
A plumber working on an installation
A guide to our heating and plumbing services
If you’re having problems with any of the systems in your home, we’ve compiled a complete guide to our heating and plumbing services.
New boiler installations Bournemouth Dorset
Guide: New boiler installations
Our boiler installation team is here to help fit your new boiler quickly and efficiently, helping to advise on the best boiler for you and, best of all, offering boiler payment plans that make your new boiler as affordable as possible.
Boilers and Plumbing in Dorset
Top Rated Boiler Installation & Plumbing Team
We’re proud to be rated 9/10 on Checkatrade – you can read reviews from just a few of our many satisfied customers here.
Boiler installation in Dorset
Repair or replace? 4 signs it’s time for a new boiler
If you’re weighing up whether to repair or replace your malfunctioning boiler, here are a few signs it could be time to get a new one.
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