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London Underground to heat hundreds of homes
The excess heat generated by the Northern Line on London’s Underground will be harnessed and used to heat hundreds of homes in Islington thanks to a new renewable energy scheme.
Do You Need An Autumn Boiler Check-up?
Don’t get caught out in the cold on a chilly autumn morning - get your boiler checked with a professional service from Greenstar, a leading plumbing company in Dorset & Hampshire
What to do when your boiler breaks
From cold showers to freezing rooms, it’s a nightmare when your boiler stops working, especially in the depths of winter.
What Are the Benefits of Boiler Controls?
Effective heating controls not only keep you toasty and warm but can also cut the cost of your energy bills! 
Energy Prices set to Fall as Ofgem Lowers Cap
Millions of households are set to benefit from cheaper energy as Ofgem, the energy regulator, lowers price caps. 
Common boiler problems
Boilers are wonderful when they are working well, but when they break or begin emitting ghostly noises, it can feel like they’ve turned into an enemy.