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With nearly 30 years of experience installing boilers across the UK, the experts at Greenstar are perfectly placed to answer all your questions about boiler installation. If you'd like to hear about the process and what to expect, you're in the right place. If your question isn't answered in our FAQs, please contact our team who will be able to answer your queries on 01202 355 344 

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Boiler Installation FAQs

By law, every boiler installation must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. You could put your home at serious risk by trying to install a boiler yourself.

It can vary. There’s no fixed rate for a boiler installation, and various factors can play a part. The cost of a boiler installation will include the boiler itself, removal of the old one, and extra charges. We offer a free quote for any potential boiler, plumbing, heating or drainage service, please contact us on 01202 355 344.

You just need to be at the property to grant our engineer access. The engineer will talk you through the process of the installation and answer any questions you may have.

A boiler installation can take around a day or two to complete. You needn’t wait around for the duration of the installation if you need to be elsewhere.

The engineer will test the new boiler. They’ll then show you through the controls so that you know exactly how to use it.

A power flush gets rid of debris inside the system. We always carry this out when fitting a new boiler as per BS 7593:2016.

Generally, an energy-efficient boiler is beneficial in the long run, despite the disruption that may be caused during installation. Changing the boiler type can be more disruptive.

It’s often best to have your boiler installed in the same place as the last one. If you have the same kind of boiler installed in the same place as the last one, it’s a relatively hassle-free process.

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